The Crisis and Incoming Era of Thought

The West… Selfish freedom acknowledging nothing such as religion, morality, family, tradition, law, order, science or perception… A bunch of people without intimacy and loyalty, not respecting any kind of social adherence or any kind of level of supremacy but the animalization of eating, gnawing and assaulting each other…

The West gained freedom by overcoming two classes of people; first, the people considering lives, properties and everything of the populace were their due because of their administrative power they had, and second, the people considering in the same way because of the religious power they had. However, just after their liberation from the oppression of these two classes, they could not submit the truth and were stuck in another cruelty this time as they could not find out what they would do with this freedom and could not understand that the essence of the freedom should be slavery to the truth.

During the past centuries, they could not feed the metaphysical spirit of the individual and have sustained only by suppressing their internal crisis growing gradually with the make-up of their great domination on matter. Understanding the West is of seeing their contradiction that is their deprivation of spirit whereas their great domination on the matter world.

What happened in the East? Starting from 16th century, the Ottomans carrying the banner of Islam have begun to lose their love and ardor; consequently, a regression launched all over the Islamic world. In view of the West, starting from 18th and 19th centuries the East is considered as the center of all sorts of shiftlessness, aimlessness and psychology of regression. This center that lost its all kinds of reason and instrument, perception of the world and perception of the matter has become the field of exploitation for the West since that time.

At this time within noises of engines, wars, affairs of hash and heroin, perversion and prostitution, getting to forget good and bad criteria of judgment; and in this situation of the world which the thought was dropped into a worthless position, a new era, ERA OF THOUGHT is arising.

Yes, the thought will enthrone back by picking over the history and discerning false heroes from geniuses… Having designated our focus of abhorrence and focus of affection respecting the criteria of enmity for Allah and love for Allah…

Having sieved the western world considering its secrecies and impotencies of existence… Having intended to extirpate the type of people within us managing to make the eternal truth ugly in contrast to the West who knows how to beautify the evil…

Having solved the riddle of machine, the main occupation of the West, stupefying human beings… And having reached the pleasure and aim of shining with the most spectacular and attractive criteria of aesthetics. Commander Mirzabeyoglu talks:

“The determination of the power existing in “known-mystery” of IBDA is in the declaration of the Architect of Great East Necip Fazil as he says “They are coming!”…”

Around Our Name

As the name IBDA is so much appropriate bearing in mind the meaning which is considered and represented, it corresponds to the perception that the opposite cannot be thought similar to the manifestation of the soul in the body.

Ibda’ (Arabic): Allah’s creation and invention without an instrument, matter, time and place. Put forward a new work ever seen before; invent. Telling poem similar of which does not exist in the past.

Ibdâ (Arabic): Demonstrate. Climb from one place to other. Create. Making something without a sample.

As the Architect of IBDA Salih Mirzabeyoglu states, IBDA can express its name and meaning, its past, present and future, what it did and what it will do, and the entire universe with profundity and dignity of the abstraction, by leaving the reason behind and addressing to the heart: The mystery of the GREAT EAST is IBDA and the mystery of IBDA is GREAT EAST. And it is never sufficient no matter how much it is repeated, taking into consideration the relation to thought and meaning, IBDA is not a name found by chance; on the contrary, it is an attribute manifesting its quality of relation to the GREAT EAST that is in the position of representation of “the understanding addressed by Islam”. Therefore, IBDA is an attribute, a name, an interior meaning, an exterior representation, the essence, and also embroidery.

Sheikh Naqshiband Excellency deigns:

“In order to recover from illness, it is compulsory that the patient firstly is to acknowledge his condition and is to demand cure!”

As we are praying the treasury of “MERCY” embracing the entire divine manifestation and in spite of our pitiable situation, what kind of a quality we are expecting so that it becomes the cure for the expectation of humanity about “the new order and the new human”?

The Architect of GREAT EAST Necip Fazil answers considering the capacity seen by him in the quality of IBDA:

“I greet them as candidate architects who have the aptitude to build the crystal palace of our cause at the summit of the Mount Caucasus, that is, the never worn out or wrinkled ideal summit yearned by the entire humankind!.. On the verge of 15th century of Islam, they make eternal youngness, freshness and newness of Islam shine with their ever young, fresh and new identities and they provide both spiritual and physical necessities of the goal that is as hard and severe as climbing the Mount Caucasus.”

Commander Mirzabeyoglu replies, “Yes; we demand from Allah with his beautiful names, Al-Badey, Al-Moubdey, Al-Fattah, necessities of ADDRESSED UNDERSTANDING, which is renewing the human perception towards Islam!..”

Great East

The Great East is the act of crystallization of the criteria pertaining to all branches of life, which is worth of living, with reference to Islam. The Great East is far from being committed to a particular race or geography; on the contrary, it is desirous to realize it in the frame of time, not only in space. With the statement of the Architect of Great East:

“The Great East, the adjutant of Islam… The Great East, neither a new madhhab in Islam nor a new doorway of ijtihad… Yet just a passageway of making way for Islam with its utmost purity and originality within such an absolute and not-haggled frame that is expressed by the phrase “Ahl-i Sunnah w’al-Jamaah.”; and the act of application of this purity and originality, lost for a long time, to things and events in the verge of 21st century… And which is apparently the most valuable and costly one of the works…”

The Architect of Great East Necip Fazil (1904-1983) is the pioneer of Islamic thought and action in Turkey and he is the first man to mention Allah and His Rasool after secular stroke against the Islamic state -Ottomans- in the first quarter of last century. Also he is regarded as the great poet -“Sultan of Poets”- in Turkey in all quarters, friend or enemy.

The works of the Architect of Great East constitutes a complete library with his 120 works on thought, art, poetry, criticism, sufism, history, philosophy, ideology, politics and religion.

“Network of Ideology” is indicated as the main book of his library by him since the main points of our cause were framed in this book. The book begins with the meaning, proposal and aim of the Great East. Secondly criticism on the East and the West is made by discussing the main features of them. Then principal points of the ideology pertaining to the individual and society such as the universe, the world, human, morality, society, state, revolution, politics, justice, proprietorship, army, positive sciences, fine arts and woman affairs are put forward with reference to Islam. In the next chapter, he elaborates the aspects of the expected Islamic revolution in the world scale.

It follows the chapter about our ideal of state and administration: The Council of Supremes, The State of Headsupremacy, Academia of Headsupremacy, Criterion of Laboring in Headsupremacy, Criterion of Punishment in Headsupremacy, Statute, Joy and Breeding, Fornication, Drink, Interest, Cinema, Press, Radio, University, Clothes, Worker, Capital and Employer, Factory etc. Another title in the book is “Main Principles” which are Spiritualism, Quality-ism, Personality, Morality, Nationalism, Precaution in Capital and Proprietorship, Society, Order and Interference.

Subsequently, “Situation and Panorama” and “Our Ordeal and Our Cause” are the last chapters in the book. At the end of the book, there is an appendix with the title of “Appendix to Network of Ideology: Dedication to Staff of Raider’s Force” which is dedicated to Salih Mirzabeyoglu who was publishing the jihadist political periodical “Raider’s Force” at that time:

“Appendix to Network of Ideology: Dedication to Staff of Raider’s Force

Renewing Islam
· Islam is not to be renewed. The understanding should be renewed.

· Understanding? Reflection of the divine light in the mirror… Renewing the mirror…

· The sun cannot be renewed. The eye is to be renewed.

· Islam is the name of the everlasting new without beginning and end… Newness is of penetrating it a bit more at every moment.

· The eternal wisdom in the hadith “Whose one day is equal to the next of him is deceived” has brought the secret of new and newness.

· In this respect, the issue is of molding the new generation of Islam…

· The newest, unchangeable and model generation of Islam is Sahabas [friends of the Prophet] molded by the hands of the Rasool.

· Even though “Taabeen” [Muslims lived after Sahabas] carried on this line of generation, after them the cause weakened in the plane of society and we could not proceed beyond of being gloomy groups except some great individual appearances. In this manifestation, the divine point is clear as a consequence of losing the love of which conservation is the hardest thing and being left alone with rough reason in shallow level…

· The banner of Islamic state, turned to Turks after the period of Umayyads and Abbasids, became the environment of such a generation for only 250 years of 600 and odd years of real-life of state; after that, it entered a terrible epoch of 300 years that is lack of love and lack of superior understanding; and for 100 and odd years, it has been just an effort of opposing Islam with the inverted manner of the same perception of immature bigot and rough puritan.

· Today those introduced to people as heroes have become performers of disgusting Islam in thought and action.

· Just after the generation, who was embracing Islam with its utmost purity and originality without sacrificing any bit of the truth of Islam at all and who was renewing Islam in their selves, got uprooted, the occupation of the people who are of disloyal disposition and yet cannot get rid of the necessity of religion completely, turned into reformism on every occasion; and they maintained making way not for the unaffected way of Islam, but for the Islam in such way that was desired to be, instead.

· Reformist is more dangerous than those against Islam from the direct opposite front considering their intention to connect Islam to the locomotive of this or that opinion or sect, their attempt to attach it their personal self and perception despite its self and originality, and accordingly their try to prop the building which is seen decayed in their opinion; and the generation, which is to guard Islam by way of renewing eye and heart, shall know the three enemies in the encircling society: passionless immature bigot, insensitive disbeliever and reformist devoid of a lot of faith… Namely, the one making the spirit crust within its blind self, the one denying wholly and the one attempting mediation between these two…

· Islam was distorted in Turkey, which held the sword of it for 500 years, and accordingly, it was disrupted in everywhere. This is a divine caution indicating it will recover only if it recovers in Turkey…

· The generation to renew the Islam is charged with coming out in the manner of ultimate and pure, complete and whole reaction in the Turkey of these disasters of spirit and matter…

· After that much decline, only an epoch of maturity can initiate…

· In the verge of 15th century of Islam, sounds of kicking from mother’s womb began to be heard as a herald of the generation, who will resolve the matter of renewing Islam, having equipped and matured in features of four greatest caliphs which are mercy, bravery, morality and reason, respectively. Traveling to the moon is not an accomplishment; amplifying these sounds in both thought and action such that they can be heard in the sun is the achievement…

Relation of IBDA

“Linking all the affairs to one purpose and having a genuine and original understanding…” That is the matter of relation which is one of the most important issues of IBDA.

In contrast to the pole of disbelief contradicting with itself during the change of the proof and proving, this perception evaluates the proof and proving itself in relation to what is believed and consequently connects the level of reality which differs in each stage of the level of consciousness to itself; that is to say, this perception confirms aspects of the pole of “Absolute Truth” in all mirrors of manifestation involving what Allah and His Rasool have told and brought. This perception is in relation to these and it transfers and applies these to the conditions of a new time and new place.

The three kinds of people who don’t understand this language are pointed out by the Architect of IBDA:

“Considering the sort of disbeliever, hypocrite and fool as the second is worse than the first and the third feeding another two is the butcher of meanings, we can see all these in a one type clothes of a convict. Although their offense, heaviness of crime, state of intention, reasons and excuses for their condition of not being in relation to the truth of truth are all different, the truth combining them under an identity of convict and branding them is that they sacrificed the truth.”

Our Criticism of History

Rasoolallah… In the Last Hajj… On the red-haired camel, He is addressing the crowd of Sahabas, over a hundred thousand. His words are repeated by Sahabas for every hundred steps towards backward and the square is echoing by their voices.

In the Last Hajj, the thing which had been said by Him that nobody ever had the luck of saying such a profound and superlative word from the creation of human until that day is this:

− “Here the time since the creation of it has eventually attained its aim!”

For the perception willing to the critique of self through sieving the whole universe, the meaning of the foregoing statement is that:

− “The time and the place are put under my order and you will furnish the place and run the time in proportion to your deference to this mystery! You believe that I am the Prophet, but could you understand my charge?”

Mirzabeyoglu appends after that:

“Here is the Prophet of the time and the place altogether and the purpose of domination on the time and the place eternally through His way!..”

Remembering the creation of man as “the caliph of the Allah on the earth” and consequently knowing the charge of man that is domination on the matter world, any Muslim certainly should keep this principle in mind every moment.

Ascending and Descending

17th century… The banner of action is in the hands of Turks, however, the great culture to feed this action is now cracking. Because passion and ardor which are the only and essential motives are beginning to form into the crust as everything is turning to rote learning and copying, the significance of “Renaissance” is not noticed, and consequently, the appropriate atmosphere for an immature bigot and rough puritan is emerging. Our act of conquest is breaking bit by bit and as a result of these conditions, the Venice rout of Ottomans, which is matchless in history, happens. From that time on, our age of assault is closing, and the miserable age of defense is starting for us. We can label this period as the beginning of the age of rough puritan without passion, wisdom and ordeal.

18th century… The color of previous age is dimming gradually and by losing the great Islamic thinking and sensibility, we are only stuck to save things left-over. In this period, we notice the course of destruction and incapability of any kind of rearing or shaking due to the paralysis caused by immature bigot and rough puritan.

19th century… There is no spirit that remained to be defended anymore. The sovereignty of the West over things and events, time and place attacked the spirits, and a disastrous time, which is putting everything in an animal-like admiration and copying of West, and accordingly nailing the door of real salvation eternally, was begun.

20th century… Eventually, in spite of the 33 years of resistance of Great Sultan Abdulhamid Khan, by the hands of Jews and Masons we were pushed to the hostility against Islam and we were forced to believe that our underdevelopment is due to Islam. By the First World War, the big empire and the establishment of the caliphate was felt in and gone away. It was a one-century-old plan of Western Imperialism and Jews-Masons, that is; they realized it by establishing a center of westernization within us.

Corruption of Islamic state and prohibition of even mentioning Islam in Turkey for 27 years caused -especially after the Second World War- a terrible emergence in certain coreligionist countries: Almost all of them with a Muslim populace but disbeliever administrators were a kind of our small-model and they proved the truth that what is corrupted in us is destined to corrupt in all world of Islam and it will recover only if it is put in order in us.

As Mirzabeyoglu said, while humankind in all with each branch is getting to be in need of Islam whereas it is not expressed openly and loudly, the closing century has gone by knotting the secret that mainly Muslims are in need of Islam.

Our View of History

If prophets had not existed, there would have been no civilization and no humanity. All prophets informing and applying “Absolute Thought” represent the AIM of all ordinary acts and existences, the truth of order of the innermost world, and the sole root of “Absolute Criteria” which all theses and antitheses are in regard to. As for the truth of all truths, it is “the Truth of the Individual”. The time and place altogether are under his command; he is “Person the Aim, Prophet the Horizon”; that is, the Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.)…

According to this, there is no need to compare divine religions with each other and Islam, because the only religion is Islam. Prophets set off on the road as a relay race. Every prophet is a prophet of a certain time and place. Having been transferred from one to another and from another to one another, the flag had come to the real owner and eventually the flag had remained to the Prophet of all times and places. The name of all of them and the place where they gather is Islam…

Religion at a time is the touchstone of all ideas and opinions seen in history. As being the antithesis of religion, irreligious thoughts realize the truth in the opposite way and they owe religion for their existence considering there cannot be antithesis without a thesis. Religions that are not divine or religions that are distorted belong to different levels of this side of antithesis.

Putting aside the debate of advanced-receded with respect to chronological order, “Person the Aim, Prophet the Horizon” and His staff of Sahabas represent the most superior culture and civilization; they were the people who were living the truth of the order of the innermost world. The criterion of being advanced or receded as an individual and society depends on the manner of living respecting charge of being human. Hence, setting a criterion of value respecting truth of the truth among civilizations and cultures is possible with Islam representing the truth of faith and morality. Otherwise, considering every civilization has different value judgments, it is impossible to rank them because every value judgment is truth for itself. Yet the value of truths is in Islam…


A Glimpse into the History of Great East-IBDA

The year 1919 is pointed out as the beginning of the history of Great East-IBDA. It’s the year that Vahiduddin Khan, the last caliphate of the Ottomans, commissioned Mustafa Kemal to launch the War of Independence. Mustafa Kemal was sent to Anatolia by the caliphate and he was welcome as a person sent by the caliphate in Anatolia. At that time, Anatolia was invaded by European forces. Apart from the part of the story concerning historians, what we especially are interested in is that “the Great Pole of Guidance” Excellency Abdulhakim Arwasi supported that war. He is the 33rd and last ring of the chain of the sect of Naqshiband and is the person who is the owner of the tughra (signature) on the Great East-IBDA.

After the War of Independence, Mustafa Kemal gained political power, abandoned everything pertaining to Islam, insisted on secular western ideas and killed thousands of Muslims –especially Muslim scholars- opposing him.

In spite of the blood, tear and limitless trouble, the only profit for Muslims was the waving banner of “existence and resistance” against Europeans and refusing the spirit of submission and passivism. Between Mustafa Kemal and European governments, the preference of Anatolia was just a kind of bearing one of these infidelities but not a kind of consent.

Now we cannot consent to present secular system with a foolish comfort “we drove away enemies and we have been saved” and we cannot take anything as a model except the era of Sahabas. The proof that we are not with only a dull wish is that the Architect of IBDA is the innovator of the matter of “understanding addressed by Islam” which similar to it -even similar of its similar- does not exist in the world of Islam. It is a systematic net of solutions to the problems of individual and society in respect of Islam.

It is not a business of hanging a sign of “The State of Islam” consisting of only empty words. If a state in the intention of Islam had been established instead of the infidel Republic of Turkey at those times, we would have been living the difficulty to give it a form towards the ideal. The movement which will make the War of Independence attain its goal and make it meaningful is the line of GREAT EAST-IBDA.

In regard to the history of GREAT EAST-IBDA, the second year to be pointed out is 1928. In this year, “Arabic letters” -actually “Islamic letters”- were thrown away and Latin letters, called “Turkish letters” with a crude crime, were accepted. Those who started to attend primary school after this year were mucked up and therefore the well-known spoilt condition of the generation of the republic has appeared. Excepting those elites saved by Allah directly, the generation of the republic has been spoiled more and more after that year. It should be noted here that Necip Fazil welcomed “Our Matter of Culture”, one of the first works of Commander Salih Mirzabeyoglu, as “First serious sound of thought and first onerous inspection of self from the scorched generation after the republic…”

The year 1943… The periodical “Agac” (“Tree”), published by Necip Fazil in 1936, was in the form of larva and the cause becomes clear with all aspects with the periodical “Buyuk Dogu” (“Great East”) which was begun to be published in 1943. This year is a matchless threshold and beginning firstly for Anatolia and then for the whole world of Islam since it is the herald of turning of bad luck. From this year on, “the understanding addressed by Islam” has acted in order to embroider itself over things and events as a “world view” including sum of the matters of individual and society. Necip Fazil has completed this action with his conferences scanning the whole of Anatolia between 1960 and 1972. Commander Mirzabeyoglu says that the years that the center of IBDA was hunted by Necip Fazil are “Our Way, Situation and Remedy” (1964) conference of Necip Fazil, and “Counterfeit Heros” (1965) conference of Necip Fazil and he appends, “Sir, we felt in not the love of this cause at that year, but passionate love of it!..”

1982-1983 are the years of transformation of GREAT EAST to IBDA as a transfer between two wings of one identity. 1983 is the year that Necip Fazil has passed away. Salih Mirzabeyoglu draws the portrait of his master Necip Fazil, “a hero who attained the goal of passing over the time”, is as follows:

“With the five centuries period of our history, the man catching the pulse of the age in which we live and sculpting the existential suffering of the human being, who is wriggling in an isthmus which is between seeking the ideal and being tied to the earth, with respect to the truth of the truth!..”

Explaining the cause and the aim to people whose look turned just after the shock of gong sound… Whereas 1st period of Golge (“Shadow”), periodical publish by Salih Mirzabeyoglu, was of recruiting soldiers, 2nd period of it was a declaration of the mental formation pertaining to its explanation and organization. In 1978, in the period of Akinci Guc (“Raider’s Force”), next periodical published, the first edition of “Necessity of the Whole Thought” was presented to the Architect of Great East and by means of it Commander Mirzabeyoglu was graded by him with this word:

“Aptitude of absolute thinking is complete!”

In A.H. 1399-1400 or A.D. 1979-1980, starting with “Glad Tidings of the Glad Tidings”, Mirzabeyoglu had lots of praises, appreciations and dedications by the Architect of Great East. The periodical Akinci Guc was a great breakthrough in the sense of thought and action and it can be considered as a seed depicting before and after of IBDA as a whole.

In 1982-1983, the Architect of Great East welcomed Mirzabeyoglu’s book “Our Matter of Culture” saying “First serious sound of thought and first onerous inspection of self from scorched generation after the republic…” and he acclaimed Mirzabeyoglu’s other book, titled “Future Belongs to Islam”, by saying “There will be an introduction by me and you will appear with your whole identity.”

1983-1984… IBDA was apparent with its original and essential trademark… The first activity of IBDA devotees was the magazine called Tavir (“Attitude”). In 1986, IBDA devotees pioneered the fight of hijab (headscarf) which led to a burst all over the country as great evidence of the dialectic of IBDA.

Then comes the period of independent fronts that all honor and responsibility of legal or illegal actions belong to only that front. This is a kind of way of existence respecting application of “dialectic of self-appearance”. Then two magazines Karar (“Decision”) and Ak Dogus (“White Rise”) came along and they boiled the public. They especially published documents going around underhandedly about Mustafa Kemal. It’s said that if the meaning of Akhbath ( “the most malicious” in Arabic, M.K. is implied) is supposed to be a place, IBDA devotees converted that place into a toilet.

1990 was the year that IBDA devotees were supposed to prepare themselves. The principle “True policies even in very little scales!” put IBDA into the center of the public square as a force that cannot be ignored anymore.

The year 1991… The Gulf Crisis, a turning point in the history of the world, was started in 1990 turned into a war in January of 1991. With the judgment of the “Dictatorship of Pigs” called United Nations and participation of dependent countries, Iraq was waged war. There are two important consequences of this war regarding IBDA’s struggle: First, it bruised the image of America. Second, the banner of anti-imperialist struggle has passed to the hands of Muslims with its utmost majesty by means of IBDA. With meetings after Friday prayers, IBDA devotees supported Iraqi people with placards reading “Saddam, you from there and we from here!” Just after these events, police operations were held over IBDA members and Salih Mirzabeyoglu and through all these it was seen how fool and weak the government forces were. The Taraf (“Side”) magazine also came out in this year.

In 1992, lots of legal and illegal IBDA fronts appeared all over the country and they started to perform uproarious actions. Furthermore, an Islamic immunization of Kurdish nationalists performed by Commander Mirzabeyoglu through the interview titled “Concern of Kurd” similar to the immunization of Turkish nationalists performed by Necip Fazil before the ’80s.

1995… IRKM guerillas in Turkey declared their devotion to IBDA… Legal and illegal activities of IBDA fronts continued during the ’90s. It’s important to note that IBDA fronts fight against people who are supporting heretic sects like Shi’a which are in minority in Turkey. At that time, places of them were raided by Ibdaists and lots of rafedze (heretic) were beaten. IBDA has shown that any divergence from the line of Ahli Sunnah will never be tolerated, even bit of it.

Salih Mirzabeyoglu was not hiding but giving conferences and meeting with his readers to sign books in Istanbul. At the end of 1998, Salih Mirzabeyoglu was arrested and put in prison. In prison, there have been already IBDA devotees put in prison due to (alleged) bombings and other illegal activities. In 1999, Commander declared that year as the “salvation of Ummah” and he called the Muslims for an Islamic revolution starting from the Anatolia and spreading all over the world.

In December 5, 1999, military forces did an operation to the prison where Commander Mirzabeyoglu and his 64 companions were. Military forces were fully equipped with guns and hundreds of them entered the wards with a pretext of making routine controls. But their real intention was perceived by Commander and he gave the command to his companions to close the doors. Using the swords already prepared using bunk beds in prison, Commander Mirzabeyoglu and IBDA devotees fought against military forces and they captured over 200 soldiers including the major. This was the great help of Allah, Subhana wa Ta’ala, to warriors of light and everybody witnessed this help and unimaginable occurrences during the fight!

The government demanded the captives and after negotiations taking hours, soldiers were set free. Surely they would come back to recover this scandalous defeat and they did. After two months, on January 25, 2000, they attacked again. They made holes in the roof and in the walls of the prison by drilling and opened fire with heavy weapons through these holes. They also dropped hundreds of gas bombs through these holes. Then Commander Mirzabeyoglu and Ibdaists were taken one by one from the prison and Commander Mirzabeyoglu was beaten cruelly and wounded severely. He was denying to go to court for one year before the operation to the prison. He was taken to court despite he was severely wounded such a way that even he cannot stand on his feet as seen on TV channels. Also, his long hair and beard were cut completely by soldiers, and local mass media, an extension of western imperialism in Turkey, tried to make fun of his situation in TV and newspapers.

After the operation of the prison, Commander and all other Ibdaists were transferred to a cell-type prison where only 3 people stay in very small rooms. But this time, the government started illegal actions against him by attacking him with electromagnetic weapons, radiation emitters, directed-sound headphones and hallucinogenic agents put in meals. Salih Mirzabeyoglu explained all that he experienced during these attacks in his book “Telegram – Mind Control”. The main purpose of these attacks was to make him abandon his thought and admit openly official laic Kemalist ideology. Despite the fact that these attacks are still carrying on, he already resolved their strategies and devices involved.

In 2002, Commander Mirzabeyoglu was sentenced to the death penalty with the accusation of his intention to demolish the laic state using weapons and to establish an Islamic state instead of it. He had transferred to a prison in Bolu, a city 300 kilometers from Istanbul. He was staying in a room with two Ibdaists, but in August 2005 he was taken to a cell alone. At the same time, a new weekly newspaper “Kaide” was started to be published by Ibdaists and it caused great impacts both in Turkey and in abroad.

Last Word

Naqshi Sheikh Abdulhakim Arwasi:

“Increase of innovations in religious affairs is such an intrigue that its detriment affects all creatures. One of them is INDOLENCE AND LAZINESS FOR JIHAD AND WAR. There is a fine point that it may mean SIGN OF HYPOCRISY which is AVOIDING THE LOT OF MARTYRDOM. Martyrdom is the sacrifice for Islam to gain strength. Every Muslim individual is charged with adopting and demanding this supreme position in heart with pleasure.”

Source: ibda documentation http://www.ibdadoc.cjb.net/ (2005)


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