I will write up a summarized article of the book and distribute it amongst the Muslim community in my area as well as amongst my Turkish friends who are very open Islamically minded as well. It will take me time but once I accomplish the task I will send a copy of the article to you in english and see if one my friends will be able to help me translate it into Turkish as well.

Salam brother.


United Kingdom


I agree! Any plan for an Islamic reform in such a country as Turkey requires an effort from the inside, without any foreign groups which are more tailored for conditions in other Muslim countries. For example, those groups which are designed perfectly for conditions in the Arab countries cannot expect much success in Turkey.

Clearly your group has studied and implemented the measures necessary to confront a powerful system, which includes leading them into a confrontation with the masses which will cause the latter to return to an Islamic order.

My sympathy is with the Kurds as it relates to their oppression by the Turkish military elite, but I do not envision an independent Kurdistan, given their disparate tribal identities and the facts of history, rather a federated Islamic order along with the Turks.

S. J.

United Kingdom


A self justification for a political and religious conviction. The first section (of the book), on the problems of interpretation of democracy and in its definition, is reasonably well argued.

I would say the concept of replacing our current brand of democracy with an “Aristocracy of intellectuals” would not solve any of the problems that the democracy is faced with, but it would certainly create new ones. Recent problems have not arisen because wrong decisions have been reached by the general public, but exactly because they have been reached by a cabal of “intellectuals” who arrogantly think they know best. There is also the danger that once in power, such people will arrange matters so that they will continue in power. This is hardly without precedent.

What you propose is hardly a new idea but just a form of elitism. It sets forward a system which cannot easily be undone when it goes horribly wrong, as I am sure it would. Currently we vote in our decision makers and have the right to vote them out too. Your elitist view is also immensely arrogant. Who are you, or anyone else to say, who should be part of a government and who should not. I know people who are poorly educated but with whom I would trust my life and I know highly intelligent academics who have trouble tying their own shoe laces. Who do you think would contribute more to political decision making?


United Kingdom


I actually agree with some of the conclusions of the writer, mainly:

Alas, there is still one thing missing in this magnificent “mold” genius of the West:

“The vital juice, the sap in the mold; that is, the root of soul with an endless depth.”

Written very eloquently…


London, United Kingdom


I actually read that whole thing. Something about an Islamic superpower, the world as “garden-bed of the afterlife”, God’s glory, and probably high yield nuclear weaponry. Oh goody!

Aquila G.

Atlanta, USA


As to the topic. I already knew this. The intent of the people orchestrating the Islamic world is pretty clear.

There is a drive to create a Pan-Islamic state from Central Asia Former USSR States (kyrgysztan, usbekistan, etc) to South Africa. From Jerusalem to Indonesia. The new Caliphate.

There have been overtures made to China, as a natural border and as a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” gesture. The Russians are playing three sides of the issue, but one can be sure that while they are mouthing some anti-US stuff to appease the internal Muslim population they are also working on plans for how to retain these Central Asian states when they become the bullwark upon which the Pan-Islamic state will crash against.

They’ve switched focus for now into Africa. Which really is very smart of them, since no one gives a crap about Africa and those who do don’t really understand how Lebananon, Somalia etc have a connection to Indonesia. Plus, if and when they create an oppressive but ordered society they’ll have access to millions of young men who have nothing but time, trauma, anger and jealousy with a willingness to die for those who gave them their nearest desires – familial conquest and order. A millions upon millions of foot soldiers ready and willing. With little previous social order or gangsterism to get in the way.

Plus they are black, and the people in the head positions of this drive don’t value black muslims so using them up will seem like a fantastic idea to them.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Great idea (Basyucelik State). Get them all togther so the will kill themselves off. It will save us the trouble of doing it ourselves.


George W Douchebag, USA


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